How it started


We are avid outdoor adventurers / campers and prefer to do this free in nature. After many years of free camping in Greece and among other countries there comes a time when the children are grown up and go their own way. So there also comes a time you have to review your complete camp equipment. This was also the case with us, and certainly with our kitchen. It was too large, too clumsy and far too extensive for two people. 


This said, I started to search the internet for a more suitable camp kitchen. However I didn’t find anything that I thought of “that’s something for us”, at one point I came across the ‘Chuck box’ concept and that was a concept that really appealed to me.


Given that in the Land Rover Defender 130 we travelled with we always had many Zarges® cases for our equipment, I decided to try to turn 1 old, battered and small Zarges® case into a chuck box. As being a graphic designer and also very creative in industrial design I retreated to my workshop with my plans and ideas.


After a winter of thinking, calculating, measuring and experimenting I finally had a nice chuck box that met all my requirements. Although it didn’t look like some glamping piece (glamorous camping) the concept of a chuck box made out of a Zarges® case was there.



What happened


When we went camping on one of our travels, to our great surprise, we received a lot of positive reactions about our chuck box. This gave rise to the idea of ​​making them new and in series. Unfortunately that was very expensive and we didn’t had a bag of money laying around to do this. After much consideration and discussion, we decided to make only 6. One for our own use and five to sell. A little less clumsier and a little bit bigger for convenience. All this, however, at cost price, otherwise they would become unsaleable. It was more of an attempt to see if there was a market for it. Well, . . luckily there was :-)


The kitchens were sold in no time as we hoped for. We thought everything through well and decided to give it a try. We used a big amount from our savings and off we went. We designed a logo and a house style, a website and called the kitchen DOCK (Dutch Outdoor Camp Kitchen). We started searching for parts and ended up manufacturing 20 kitchens.


These kitchens were sold fairly quickly. However, it was still only cost effective, the parts were still all too expensive, there was no- or little profit. We started looking for other manufacturers and entered into negotiations with our suppliers. With the production of 30 kitchens, some small profit slowly came into view and there came the possibility of tackling it somewhat larger and put more detail into it.


Now we produce about 50 beautiful kitchens a year and we are still growing and investing in our kitchens steadily.


About us is situated in the south of the Netherlands. In our spare time and out of joy we build and sell the DOCK kitchens. We take the upmost care for detail and finish which can be seen at an instant. We do this out of passion and the love for the outdoors. It is so nice to get all the positive feedback from fellow outdoor lovers every time we ship them a kitchen. Our customers make us very happy and proud about our kitchens every time! 


The kitchens are sold and shipped world wide and end up in the most curious and beautiful places of our earth.

We sold kitchens in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, The United States, Canada, Taiwan, France, Mongolia, Japan, Denmark, Italy, Australia, Thailand and more, more countries in the world to come. They travel the world as you and I would love to do, dream of, do or gonna do ;-)


We also started building ‘specials’ for customers with ‘special’ wishes, like the drawer on the other side and different sizes for the compartments. We try to do this without extra costs and without delays but time is needed for design and production if you want something out of the ordinary. Anyway, we are constantly innovating and trying to evolve our kitchens to the best possible extent.


We try to commit to our customers demands but the kitchens are well thought of and build to fit the most regular used stoves. For example a Coleman dual fuel stove fits as does one of the Partner Steel 2 burner stoves (the 18 inch  model if I am right). But a lot of models from Primus, Outwell and Enders for example also fit our DOCK kitchens.


For more information & technical specifications, please send us a mail at