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The camp kitchen that carries the spirit of adventure to new frontiers. 
Designed to last a lifetime, serving you no matter where you roam.
Explore more, relax more, . . 


The DOCK (Dutch Outdoor Camp kitchen) is a tough aluminum case,

designed to function as an easy to use portable camp kitchen for any expedition and adventure!

The DOCK can be set up in a matter of seconds,

transforming from a portable case to a full fledged camp kitchen with worktops.

Combining industrial aluminum and stainless steel with organic bamboo

gives the DOCK it’s premium look and feel and it can be felt in it’s construction too ;-)

 It’s based upon a high-quality aluminum Zarges® case which guarantees

a lightweight yet solid construction, with high impact strength.

Model 1

Model 2




industrial aluminum,

stainless steel and

organic bamboo


ready to use


a few seconds


All the items

you need

in your kitchen!



the case of the kitchen


  1. Top shelf (bamboo).

  2. Stainless steel side- and front shelves (front not shown), store inside kitchen front during transport.
    (Model 2 has a bamboo hatch with 2 stainless steel side shelves)

  3. Compartment for Stove (as example; the 18" Partner steel stove and the Coleman dual fuel 424 stove both fit).

  4. Compartment for cookware

  5. Compartment for tableware.

  6. Drawer with bamboo organizer for silverware.

  7. Holder for paper towels or a towel.

  8. Platform with legs.

  • Compact and lightweight, for ease of handling, packaging and transport.

  • high-quality aluminum Zarges® K470 container, model 40564, engineered for impact resistance and rigidity.

  • Bamboo top shelf.

  • Detachable stainless steel shelves provide additional working space and double as lid when packed.
    (Model 2 has a bamboo hatch)

  • Balanced interior layout will complement most cookware sizes (Max diameter 26 cm. | 10.24 in).

  • Large silverware drawer with handy bamboo drawer Organizer.

  • Free standing stable setup.


Model 1


657,02 euro excl. 21% VAT

We ship worldwide

Model 2


739,67 euro excl. 21% VAT

We ship worldwide


  • Outside Dimensions closed (H x W x D)
    420mm x 600mm x 400mm | 16.54” x 23.62” x 15.75”

  • Dimensions of bamboo top shelf / cutting board a (H x W x D)
    10mm x 550mm x 350mm | 0.39” x 21.65” x 13.78”

  • Dimensions of side shelves b (H x W x D)
    37mm x 294mm x 237mm | 1.46” x 11.42” x 9.06”

  • Dimensions of front shelf (not shown in fig.) c (H x W x D)
    37mm x 464mm x 190mm | 1.46” x 18.27” x 7.48”

  • Dimensions of hatch (not shown in fig.) c (H x W x D)
    10mm x 464mm x 295mm | 1.46” x 18.27” x 11.61”

  •  Inside Dimensions of stove compartment d (H x W x D)
    Model 1; 135mm x 540mm x 305mm | 5.31” x 21.65” x 12”
    Model 2; 135mm x 540mm x 335mm | 5.31” x 21.65” x 13.19”

  •  Inside Dimensions of cookware compartment e (H x W x D)
    165mm x 275mm x 305mm | 6.5” x 10.83” x 12”

  • Inside Dimensions of tableware compartment f (H x W x D)
    165mm x 275mm x 305mm | 6.5” x 10.83” x 12”

    (will fit approx. Ø260 mm | 10.24” plates and pots & pans)

  •  Inside Dimensions of drawer Organizer g (H x W x D)
    50mm x 283mm x 498mm | 1.97” x 11.14” x 19.61”

  •  Dimensions of front opening h (H x W)
    294mm x 464mm | 11.57” x 18.27”

  •  Table top height 1
    810mm | 31.89”



  •  DOCK, (empty) weight

16,5 Kg | 36.38 lb

        SET UP

  1. Place the closed Field Kitchen on firm ground. 

  2. Lift the platform unit with legs from the kitchen.

  3. Place the platform unit at a spot of your choice on firm, level ground. 
    Alter the ground by wedging pieces of wood or rock under the unsupported legs to avoid wobbling.
    It is very important for the safety of operation that the Kitchen stands level and stable!

  4. Grab the handles on the kitchen and lift it up on the platform unit with legs. 

  5. Deploy the side- and front shelves to create extra horizontal working surfaces.

  6. remove the bamboo top shelf, take the stove out of the kitchen, replace the bamboo top shelf and place your stove on top of it.





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